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2014 marks the 11th year that Marketing Associates and John Turnbull Jr. have been marketing partners, and John Jr. could not be more grateful. Marketing Associates’ support has enabled John Jr. to stand in Victory Lane over 50 times in a combination of Legends Cars, Super Late Model Stock Cars and most recently 410 Sprint Cars. Each time the Marketing Associates logo has been on the winning race car.

Headquartered in Detroit, Marketing Associates offers corporations of all sizes compelling, engaging, results-driven marketing – empowered by the most sophisticated technologies and the most advanced analytics available.

Experts in crafting integrated marketing solutions that are strategically sound, intuitively smart, and drive measurable bottom-line impact, Marketing Associates helps each of their clients – from global giants to next-door neighbors – operate more effectively, understand and engage their customers more skillfully, and elevate their profitability and growth.

If your company is looking to expand or enhance its marketing efforts, then please visit And see how you can partner with the winning team at Marketing Associates.

If you haven’t tried Little Diablo Salsa yet then you have missed out on the freshest best tasting Salsa available today.

Little Diablo Salsa comes in 6 different styles and they are all made here in Michigan. Original Mild, Mild Artichoke, Mild Garlic, Medium, Medium Chipotle and for those that like it hot like John Jr. they have The Double Diablo Hot Salsa, guaranteed to light you up. Little Diablo Salsa is sold in specialty stores around Michigan or you can order on line by clicking on their LOGO.

2014 is the 3rd year that Little Diablo Salsa and John Turnbull Jr. have joined forces to create a winning team both on and off the track.


Since 1998 WIX Oil Filters have been on every race car engine and personal car engine that John Turnbull Jr. has owned. Race engines are highly stressed but so too are passenger car engines. Our team cannot afford to have an engine failure due to a second rate oil filter, that is why we depend on WIX Oil Filters to purify our oil, stated John Jr.

Wix makes filters for most every type of engine on the market using superior technology and state of the art materials to make sure that every filter meets or exceed manufacture specs.

We encourage our fans, supporters and fellow racer to use WIX Filters whenever possible to insure that your engine is being filtered to maximum levels



20 years ago Techworks built a Toterhome for Turnbull Racing and that was the start of a great business relationship and a great friendship. Walt and Sharon Barnes are the owners of Techworks and over the years have built a strong relationship with the racing community. Techworks represents  some of the top trailer manufacturers in the country.

Techworks also does repairs and modifications to trailers and motorhomes of all types at a reasonable price with excellent workmanship. Techworks also rents Cruise America motorhomes by the day, week or month.

John Turnbull Jr. is proud to once again have Techworks Trailers as a Marketing Partner for 2014.


In 2013 John Turnbull Jr. was awarded the best looking Sprint Car in the Lafontaine Ford Sprint Car Series at Spartan Speedway.

EDGEWRAPS,  Designed, Created and Installed the graphics that made the sprint car an award winning sprint car.

EDGEWRAPS offers complete Wraps, Partial Wraps, and decals on banners, cars, trucks, boats, race cars and anything that requires a professional looking image. EDGEWRAPS offers installation or you can do it yourself.

EDGEWRAPS has wrapped our Pit Boxes, Super Late Model Stock Cars, Legends Cars and now our award winning Sprint Car and we have never been disappointed stated John Turnbull Jr.


John Turnbull Jr. first started wearing Simpson Suits, Helmets and Racing Shoes when he raced Quarter Midgets as a youngster. For most of John Jr. racing career whether he was racing Legends Cars, Super Late Model Stock Cars or the lightning fast 410 Sprint Cars,he has continued to wear Simpson Race Products because it offers the best protection on the market today.

Simpson Race Products stays on the cutting edge of Personal Protection equipment for the Racer through the development and testing for new lighter and stronger materials.

Every racer owes it to themselves to not script or take short cuts when it comes to their safety equipment.



Custom built in Elkhart, Indiana, Team Spirit builds a trailer for everyone.
Whether you need a lot of room or just a little, Team Spirit will build a trailer the way you want it.


Team Spirit Trailers are the best!


Team Spirit has a great trailer for any of your hauling needs. Including utility trailers, cargo trailers, car hauler, auto trailers, race trailers, motorcycle trailers, or a custom built trailer.


We back what we sell and offer more options to choose from, allowing you to customize a trailer that meets all your needs without putting a squeeze on your budget. With a wide variety of colors and options to choose from, buying a Team Spirit trailer is a smart choice!

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