John Turnbull Sr.

Team Advisor


John Turnbull Sr.As a former Race Car Driver, Race Series Promoter and Race Team Owner, John Sr., offers opinions and perspective to the Turnbull Racing Organization.

While each team member is an experienced expert in their own right, John Sr. vast back round enables the team to have a ‘second opinion’ on a variety of racing related circumstances that the team encounters both on and off the track.

John Sr. also arranges pit passes, refreshments and hospitality for the Marketing Partners that are coming to watch John Jr. compete on race day.

Like all of our team members our Marketing Partners relationship to the team is a vital element that enables us to compete at the top level, stated John Sr.

Away from the track John Sr. works with Marketing Partners and select charities to organize personal appearances with John Jr. and the 410 Sprint Cars. Our goal each race season is to give back more to our Marketing Partners than the team has received from them.

We are committed to the success of the team as a whole, the team members as individuals and our great Marketing Partners.

John Turnbull Jr.


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