Gus Turnbull



Gus was first introduced to racing when he was 6 weeks old during a racing trip to Concord, North Carolina. From that point forward and until most recently Gus attended most every race that John Jr. competed in.


Whenever Gus is at the track many of the race teams, track officials and fans stop by the hauler just say hi to Gus. For many years being at the race track with John Jr. has been a home away from home for Gus.

GusWhen John Jr. would say “Let’s go racing Gus” , Gus would hop up and off to the races they go. At the track Gus would insist on a hug each time John Jr. returned to the hauler.


For the last couple of years Gus has spent less and less time at the track and more time at home. When race team members, track officials and fans that know Gus see that he isn’t there they ask where is Gus or how is Gus or say hi to Gus for me. Even though Gus stays home on most race days, when John Jr. comes thru the door Gus still insists on getting his hug.


Some track announcers, race team members and fans have nicknamed John Jr. “The Bulldog” and the only one to thank for that is Gus.


On My 13, 2014 Gus passed away quietly.

For the Turnbull Family Race Day and our lives will never quite be the same.

God's Speed Buddy

John Turnbull Jr.


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